32 out of 50,000 reasons hemp is changing the world

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

These are 32 reasons why the hemp crop is changing the world.

  1. Hemp seeds are a good source of proteins

  2. Hemp seed oil is good for the heart

  3. Hemp fiber can be a good alternative to furniture

  4. No more animal abuse, we can get milk from hemp seeds

  5. Hemp has the ability to fertile the land

  6. Hemp leaves are good eatable for wild animals 

  7. Hemp leaves are good to make Hemp tea

  8. Hemp oils have medical benefits 

  9. Eating hemp seeds helps in good digestion

  10. Hemp is capable to make beauty creams and really helpful in aging 

  11. Hemp Fibre is the strongest fiber to produce shoes, t-shirts, and jeans

  12. Hemp notebooks can replace paper notebooks

  13. Hemp Plastic can decrease plastic usage

  14. Hemp fuel can run cars as gasoline

  15. Hemp is so strong that we can make real airplanes out of it

  16. Hemp clothes are toxic and bacteria-free

  17. Hemp clothes reduce the chances of skin cancer

  18. Hempcrete can remove the toxic concrete 

  19. Hemp homes maintain temperature naturally

  20. Hempcrete hardens with time 

  21. Hempcrete is a fire-resistant material

  22. Hemp batteries can replace the old batteries

  23. Hemp can be grown in almost every region of the earth

  24. Hemp needs less water than most of the crops 

  25. Hemp needs less maintenance compared to other crops

  26. The entire hemp plant can be utilized 

  27. Hemp can be sold for thousands of reasons 

  28. Hemp can be used for making musical instruments

  29. Hemp biomass can be used as fertilizer

  30. Hemp medicines don't have side effects and addiction

  31. Hemp shake can get you relaxed (Indian Bhang)

  32. Roots of hemp are known to relieve cramps, inflammatory arthritis, joint pains, gout, digestive problems, rheumatism, ease burns, hemorrhoids, and eczema

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